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About Us

Outlaw Brokerage was founded in 2017 to work with clients around the country to help source their ingredient needs while saving them time and money. Our qualified brokers are dedicated to research and market price discovery to obtain the best offer or bid to ensure your success and profitability. We work with reputable suppliers to provide timely service and product deliveries.

Our founder, Jesse James Krebs, has spent 10+ years in the industry managing some of the largest feed and animal suppliers across the United States. Customers include small farms, feed mills, and fully integrated processors. Outlaw Brokerage strives to create and build on existing relationships by providing exceptional service to their customers.

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Jesse Krebs



Outlaw Brokerage is committed to growing with the feed industry. We aim to continue moving forward and expand with innovative ideas, people, and products. We’re looking for loyal, highly motivated individuals with character and integrity to join our team. Contact us today to learn about becoming part of Outlaw Brokerage.